May 2013 – Andrew Davis Leveraging LinkedIn

STC Silicon Valley May, 2013 Meeting Review

By Joseph Amaral

The STC Silicon Valley chapter wrapped up their monthly meeting on Monday, May 20 at the IHOP in Santa Clara. The meeting was highlighted by guest speaker Andrew Davis.

Davis, a recruiter for Content Rules based out of the Bay Area, gave an impressive speech about the benefits of using, the ever growing social networking site used for professional employees in the job world. His presentation, called “Leveraging LinkedIn to Get Yourself Noticed,” showcased valuable information to the Silicon Valley Chapter about using

Some important topics he touched upon were getting even the basic profile set up right. He said a picture is a must since employers want to see a visual for a potential interviewee. He also said to make sure the picture is clear with no side portraits. Next would be the title of your current/future career. If you are technical writer or document specialist, be sure to simply put “Technical Writer” or “Document Specialist.” This would eliminate the hassle of extensive searches for employers. Key words like “technical writer” are easier to find. Location is also important. If you give yourself a geographical location to a specific city like Santa Clara or Mountain View, this might make employers think you’re unwilling to leave that certain area. Be sure to broaden the area by saying the “San Francisco Bay Area.”

Other great aspects he shared were getting potential companies to take notice of your profile. One way is to follow and keep up with a company’s info and news. If you follow a specific company, a future employer may take notice of this. Another way is to get recommendations from other contacts. A recommendation could be a positive write up from another contact, peer or past employer. The more recommendations you have, the better. Davis also said having good summaries in your “Background” section also helps. Going into more detail about your skills or past experience will make employers take your profile more seriously. Try to avoid giving basic one sentence explanations or rehashing what your resume already says. Employers might think you simply just cut and paste from your resume.

While closing out his presentation, he said another helpful site for networking would be, a website for building contact in the Silicon Valley. He also half joked by saying if you are currently employed and your seeking other employment, be sure set your LinkedIn updates to private so your current employers don’t see that you’re looking for another job.

Davis’ presentation was received extremely well and he gave great insight on how to use LinkedIn to its full potential. Many of the members stayed after to talk to Andrew for other questions and information.

He gave valuable information to current or future job seekers in the technical writing field and showed how LinkedIn can be a valued tool during this process.

DJ Cline’s short article and pictures are at: May 20, 2013 STC Andrew Davis Leveraging LinkedIn by DJ Cline.

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