Join the 2017 TC Camp Unconference

Saturday, Jan. 21st, 2017 is TC Camp, a FREE Tech Comm unconference in Santa Clara, CA.

It’s called an unconference because attendees propose and vote on topics they would like to discuss and learn about. The 2-hour morning workshops are given by experts for a nominal fee. The Adobe workshop is free.

TC Camp is great for networking, learning about latest trends, or getting tips on how others approached a problem in Tech Comm. It’s informal. People are friendly and approachable.

Morning Workshops:

Use the discount code “STC” to get $5 off a morning workshop.

Friday, Jan. 20th is the pre-event: Intro to Web API Documentation, an all-day workshop (for a fee) given by Peter Gruenbaum, president of SDK Bridge and author of API documentation courses on Udemy. API Workshop details at:

What does it cost?
Main Unconference: FREE
Ambassador Workshop from Adobe: FREE
2-hour Hands-On Morning Workshop: $35
Full-Day API Docs Training Class: $125

Find out more at:

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