Introducing the Virtual Content Events Calendar

Virtual content-focused events happen every day

A lot of people have noticed that it’s become harder to keep up with all the things happening now that we’re all virtual because, inevitably, we see the notice about an event that happend three days ago (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn’s algorithms never seem to be current).

Nearly every content-focused user organization has been trying to figure out how to provide better visibility into current events. One thing they’re trying is the Virtual Content Events (VCE) Calendar.

And we’ve been invited to be a part of it.

The VCE is a Google Calendar you can subscribe to and that anyone hosting virtual content events can request posting access too.

Want to meet folks in Vancouver or Ohio or New York and have some time tomorrow evening? Check the VCE and find out who’s doing something and what they’re doing!

Involved in this project are a lot of people you already know: Us, STC Technical Editing SIG, STC Santa Barbara, STC LA, STC South Central Texas, STC Vancouver/West Canada, STC Toronto, STC PMC, STC NE Ohio, STC New England, TC Dojo, Room 42, STC HQ’s events are on there too.

But it’s not limited to STC. TC Dojo, Room 42, some Write the Docs, Adobe, and TechSmith events have been seen on the calendar. Any content-related organization producing virutal events is welcome to participate.

And more events and groups get added every day.

You can find this calendar on the website. Visit our Meetings and Events page to see what’s happening today and tomorrow and the next day.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, fostering your sense of presence, with coworkers, with peers, with family and friends, is essential for maintaining your connection and motivation.

In this virtual world, it’s ever more important to feel present.

The Virtual Events calendar brings you a list of events happening in in virtual content community circles. You can pick and choose whatever matches your need and your mood on (almost) any given day.

Want to learn? Want to take a coffee break and talk shop? Want to join a book club? Pop into a social circle for coffee or cocktails with people who get you and what you do?

The VCE has got you covered. Think of it as a list of things you can do, places you can go virtually — on your own schedule!

Every event has connectivity details posted and you are welcome to attend any or all of them!

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