Ad Rates and Policies

The STC Silicon Valley Chapter (SVC) accepts advertising and/or sponsorship for its website.


SVC only accepts advertisements/sponsorship for the following goods and services:

  • Software and hardware tools for technical communications
  • Professional services for technical communications
  • Courses, seminars, and other educational services specifically for technical communications
  • Employment services for Technical Communicators

SVC does not accept the following kinds of advertisements/sponsorship:

  • Products or services that do not directly relate to technical communications

NOTE: The STC-SVC Administrative Council reserves the right to refuse any advertisement/sponsorship it feels inappropriate for its website.

Affiliate Commission

STC-SVC will pay 10% commission to any chapter member that sells advertising or sponsorship.


The web manager reserves the right to position graphics appropriately. All advertisement or sponsorship graphics will be clearly visible.


  • Web banner ads MUST conform to the standard dimensions of 468 (w) x 60 (h) pixels.
  • The file must be 25kb or less in size.


  • Web banner ads must be in GIF, JPG, or PNG format.


Advertisement (AD)

According to the IRS, a website graphic advertisement contains a clickable link that leads customers to a site where they can buy a product. The graphic and placement there of is intended to promote or market a service, facility or product offered by the external Web site for a commercial purpose. The money a company spends on advertising is taxable.

Sponsorship (SP)

A website graphic for sponsorship does not contain a clickable link. The IRS defines sponsorship as “A payment for which there is no expectation that the sponsor will receive a ‘substantial return benefit.’ The income received by the sponsored organization is not subject to tax as unrelated business income.”

Member (M)

Consultant or Contract Writer who is:

  • A member of STC-SVC in good standing, (dues paid though current year.)
  • Employee of the company or corporation placing the advertisement or sponsoring the chapter

Non-Member (NM)

A consultant or corporation who does not employ any members of STC


An individual who:

  • Owns his/her own practice
  • Works through an agency who is advertising their own services as an individual


Any company that:

  • Sells products and services directly related to the technical communication field
  • Places Technical Communicators in contracts or regular employment
  • Seek clients who work in the Technical Communications field, (e.g. small business accountants)


13 Weeks 26 Weeks 52 Weeks
Consultant Corporate Consultant Corporate Consultant Corporate
AD 975 1170 1462 1755 1690 2000 2145 3120 2600 3380 3510 4680
SP 732 878 975 1170 1268 1560 1690 2080 1950 2535 2600 3380


The Chapter Treasurer must receive payment in full BEFORE an advertisement/sponsorship runs.

Payment Terms


PayPal is the preferred method of payment. We will contact you with our PayPal payment address once your ad is confirmed accepted after submission of properly filled-out Ad Submission Form.


Customer is responsible for designing the graphic and including the link if it is an ad. See Size and Format for more information.

Email your graphic files to our webmaster.