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STC Silicon Valley provides a variety of employment resources for both employers and job seekers.

Interested in Working in Technical Communications?

Try the “Get Real! Professional Interview Program.” Real People. Real Answers.

Are you a recent graduate who is new to the field of technical communication, a student considering the field, or are you considering a career change?

Do you have questions about what this work is like, what training is best, what skills you might need, or how much you can earn as a technical communicator?

Ask a member! The “Get Real! Professional Interview Program” gives you the chance to ask a seasoned technical communicator your field-related questions. Interviews typically run from 30 to 60 minutes in person or by phone.

As an additional bonus, your participation in the interview program entitles you to attend an STC Chicago program meeting for free. You’ll get to learn new skills and network with a variety of people with different jobs and levels of experience.

To request an informational interview, please contact interview@stc-chicago.com.

This is a Coordinated Chapter program being managed by STC Chicago. This service is open to everyone, regardless of chapter affiliation. They will collaborate with chapters nationwide to find the right person for you to talk to.

Employers: Posting Jobs

Please use our Job Submission Form. Be sure to complete ALL fields on the form. You must indicate whether the job is a staff or contract position; for contracts, please include the length of the contract (in months).

There is no charge for contributing a job listing.

Please note that only the following types of jobs will be accepted:

  • Jobs directly related to Technical Communication
  • Jobs located in the San Francisco Bay Area

Your submitted job will typically be posted within 24 hours, and will remain on the website for four weeks.

Questions? Contact our Employment Manager.

For Job Seekers: Employment Resources Directory

Listed below are companies and job sites that STC Silicon Valley members have found helpful in their searches.


Companies that support STC

These companies are long-term, active supporters of STC Silicon Valley in its efforts to help Technical Communicators to find employment.

ProSpring Staffing

Phone Number: 866-302-5774 x201
Email Address: jack@prospringstaffing.com
Web Site: prospringstaffing.com


Andrew Davis
Phone Number: 707-554-9365
Email Address: synergistech@gmail.com
Web Site: www.synergistech.com

Andrew says that anyone who emails him their LinkedIn URL and their two-sentence, targeted elevator pitch, will get a shout out to his LinkedIn community. Let the network effect do the rest! There’s no charge and no expectations; it’s just his way contributing to the professional community network.

Resume Assistance

Recruiters and Staffing Companies

Commercial Job Boards

For Job Seekers: Local Educational Resources

Technical communicators can update existing skills, learn new skills and earn certificates and degrees through accredited programs. The following SF Bay Area colleges and universities offer technical writing courses and programs:

San Francisco State University Major, Minor, and Certificate Programs in Technical and Professional Writing

University of California, Santa Cruz Extension Technical Writing and Communication Certificate Program

San Jose State, Certificate Program in Professional and Technical Writing

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