September 24, 2015, Webinar: An Aggressive Approach to Concise Writing, with Joe Welinske

Note: If you missed the webinar, you can access it here. The password for the session is stcsilicon0924.

Joe Welinske will present a webinar to our chapter on this concise writing. The webinar will be held at noon on Thursday, September 24. This webinar does not replace our monthly chapter meeting but rather is an additional educational opportunity if you’re interested.

An Aggressive Approach to Concise Writing

Writing concisely is one of the fundamental skills central to any mobile user assistance. The minimal screen real estate can’t support large amounts of text and graphics without extensive gesturing by the users. Using small font sizes just makes the information unreadable unless the user pinches and stretches the text.

Even outside of the mobile space, your ability to streamline your content improves the likelihood it will be effectively consumed by your target audience.

This session offers a number of examples and techniques for reducing the footprint of your prose while maintaining a quality message. The examples used are in the context of mobile UA but can be applied to any technical writing situation.

About Joe Welinske

Joe WelinskeJoe Welinske specializes in helping your software development effort through crafted communication. The best user experience features quality words and images in the user interface. The UX of a robust product is also enhanced through comprehensive user assistance. This includes Help, wizards, FAQs, videos and much more. For over twenty-five years, Joe has been providing training, contracting, and consulting services for the software industry. Joe recently published the book, Developing User Assistance for Mobile Apps. He also teaches courses for Bellevue College, the University of California, and the University of Washington. Joe is an Associate Fellow of STC.

Webinar Details

Date: September 24
Time: Noon
Cost: Free


To register for the webinar, click the EventBrite button below.

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Note that there is a registration limit of 24 registrations for the webinar. However, a single registrant can connect to the webinar and show it to any number of people at one location.

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