DITA implementation Trainer/Consultant – SF Peninsula

Organization: Synergistech Communications
Contact Name: Andrew Davis
Address: 2471 Solano Ave, #119, Napa, CA
Phone Number: 707-554-9365
Email Address: synergistech@gmail.com
Web Site: www.synergistech.com
Job Title: DITA implementation Trainer/Consultant
Job Duration: 4-5 weeks
Job Location: SF Peninsula
Job Description: DITA implementation Trainer/Consultant

Multinational needs DITA implementation training. Review current non-XML content, assess status of DITA pilot projects, then advise on:

  1. Optimal tooling (pilots use DocBook, Arbortext Editor, and Documentum)
  2. DITA tag subset
  3. Information architecture/data modeling
  4. Taxonomy
  5. Metadata strategy
  6. Training tech writers on structured authoring
  7. Picking migration candidates
  8. Optimal DITA migration process

Must deliver training in person on the peninsula. 4-5 weeks’ work, minimum. Cite your rate in your reply.

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