October 21, 2019: Creating An Online Portfolio

UPDATE: Resources now available – including meeting slides, a handy comparison of web hosting options, and additional tips/advice – at Aaron’s portfolio here.

Come join us on the third Monday of the month, as Aaron Redshaw shares firsthand insights on the value and method of displaying your documentation work online.

“When searching for the best advice for how to become a technical writer, one piece of instruction I ran across over and over was that I had to create an online portfolio. In this presentation we will cover:

  1. Why you might want an online portfolio (even if you already have a job).
  2. What to put on it.
  3. How to use it.
  4. A short walk-through of three different easy-to-use web platforms that anyone can use to create their first online portfolio.

Included will be a handout, online access to the slides and other resources on my website, and a chance to ask questions.”

About Aaron Redshaw

Aaron K. Redshaw was a high school English teacher in East Side San Jose for 15 years. Seven months ago he made the transition to technical writing, and is currently temping at Google. Before he became a teacher, he was a technical support representative at a web hosting company in Santa Cruz, where he learned basic web design and a little coding. You may see his portfolio at aaronkredshaw.com.

Date: Monday, October 21, 2019
Meeting time: 6:00-8:00pm+
Location: IHOP Restaurant, 4200 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Cost: Free
Note: You don’t have to be an official STC member to attend the meetings.

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