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There is no charge for contributing a job listing. However, please note that only the following types of jobs will be accepted:

  • Jobs directly related to Technical Communication
  • Jobs located in the San Francisco Bay Area

Your submitted job will typically be posted within 24 hours, and will remain on the website for four weeks.

Guidelines for Submissions

Please fill out ALL fields on the form (including whether the job is Staff or Contract and all Contact information fields) and be aware that we only list technical communications openings (technical writer/editor/tech pubs manager/information developer) that are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. If the job you are posting is a contract position, please specify the length (in months) of the contract. Include a brief (2 paragraphs max.) description of the company and a brief (2 paragraphs max.) list of job responsibilities and requirements in the Description field.

Please Note: You must indicate whether the job is a staff or contract position; for contracts, please include the length of the contract (in months).

Job submissions usually are posted within 24 hours and remain listed for four weeks, at which time they are removed. We will gladly re-post a job submission for an additional four weeks at your request.


If your position is an Internship, DO NOT submit that here. We have a separate Internship Opportunities section on our site for paid Internships. Please include all information regarding the Internship in your email.


Contact our Employment Manager.

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